Craft Cubed: Holger Dielenberg

Space Tank is opening their studio to the public as part of the 2019 Craft Cubed Festival and the LaunchVic sponsored Moreland Converger program.

This is your chance to see where Melbourne’s cool product developers, craftspeople and hardware startups are launching their business and enjoy a catered networking meetup afterwards.

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Craft Cubed: Matt Thomson | Bag designer and maker

A lowkey, informal event to celebrate the launch of the brand new mattt SHOP & BAG LIBRARY laneway space. A space constructed in a new courtyard space accessible off a laneway this will be the place to visit to view and discuss bags and take part in workshops and events

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Craft Cubed: Katherine Marmaras | Multi-Disciplinary Artist

‘Fragments of culture…’ is the result of a collaboration between Katherine Marmaras and Great Frames. Great Frames provided readymade frames setting the parameters for Katherine to work within. Katherine has then collated, abstracted and transformed items from her vast collection of remnant wallpapers and other decorative papers to create new works to fit within these set parameters. Abstractions of colours, familiar motifs and patterns from both the past and present have been used to create multiple layers of interest and focus.

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Craft Cubed: Rose Agnew | Multi-disciplinary artist

Rose Agnew is a Melbourne artist whose interests in art, science, history and nature are the focus of her practice. Rose's explorations into the interior worlds of contemplation and intimacy are paired with the use of found objects and detailed imagery.

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Craft Cubed: Angela Rossitto | Installation artist and co-director of The Wandering Room

Forever Threads is an exhibition at The Wandering Room considering ‘deep time’. Angela investigates this theme through crocheting and stitching fibre of various scales and interweaving LED lighting. Via the hand-crafting of common materials she creates a large scale installation that transports you from the back garage of an old milk bar to somewhere else entirely - deep space.electronics.

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Craft Cubed: Maximillian Malone | Collage & Image-Making workshop

A unique opportunity to visit this converted mechanics yard, now art-studio, and to explore a variety of image-making techniques with collage specialist Maximillian Malone. The artist will provide all the materials, including access to his vast cut-out library for you to experiment with. The session will combine both hands-on methods along with digital editing. Participants will learn a number of the processes within a laid back and creative environment.

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Craft Cubed: Owner and Craft Hoarder at Kyneton Craftery | Rhain DiPillla

Learn a new craft you didn’t know you needed in your life, or just join one of the social craft sessions and share your knowledge at Kyneton Craftery. Kyneton Craftery is all about a dedicated craft space for all to feel at home in. Plus unlike your pet, children, or spouse they won’t glaze over when you start showing off pictures of your most recent crafting project. Craft were lucky enough to chat to Rhain Di Pillla - Craft Horder at Kyneton Craftery ahead of their fantastic lineup of events for Craft Cubed festival.

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Craft Cubed: Vitroform | Artaviso & Lord Coconut

Vitroform is a collaboration between Art Aviso, Lord Coconut and over 20 artists re-imagining vintage soviet era glass test tubes. Ahead of the launch we were able to to speak with Lord Coconut himself to dive into his history as a collector and lover of craft.

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Craft Cubed: Rhiannon Thomas | Secret Forest & needle felting

Rhiannon Thomas has been inspired by traditional craft techniques not found in online videos but rather in the depths of the craft community and networks of grassroots organisations.
Rhiannon is graciously sharing these skills with the wider public and you can book into her workshop as part of the Craft Cubed Festival.

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Aurelia’s jewellery is informed by a fascination with metamorphosis, phenomena, and the mysteries of the elements existing in the natural world.

Inspired by raw geologic forms, intricate crystalline structures, and the exquisite geometries of nature – Aurelia’s works elegantly unveil stories of the earth. Through a conceptual and considered design language, her pieces celebrate the unique characteristics of natural material such as coloured and included diamonds and precious gems, together with her unorthodox and distinctive approach to enameling steel that has won her international recognition.

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South Australian born glass artist Thomas Yeend is now stocking at Craft. His eye-catching glassworks are a combination of 3D modelling, 3D printing, and mixed-media components with traditional glass-making techniques. Thomas creates a variety of vibrant and cheerful glass wares that we are totally in love with.

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When asked about her practice and studio, Jennifer Conroy Smith speaks of being patient and calm. These qualities are evident in her ethereal porcelain sculptures, that are on show as part of the Craft Cubed Window Walk. We were able to to speak with Jennifer to gain some insights into her artistic process. 

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It takes significant concentration and experimentation for Sarah Tracton to produce her stunning porcelain light fixtures. We are thrilled to be featuring the results of her hard work in the Craft Cubed Window Walk. 

We had a few questions for Sarah about her process and inspiration. 

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Kate is a visual artist & contemporary jeweller with a passion for crazy, excessive detailing in art and design. Craft is thrilled to be featuring her work in the Craft Cubed Window Walk.

We had a chat with Kate to find out a little bit more about her craft practice.

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Tegan sees the fun and joy in crafting. This is certainly apparent in her contribution to the Craft Cubed Window Walk. Her hand painted tickets reflect countless joyful occasions, and the relatable desire to try and hold on to a tangible piece of those memories. 

We had some questions for Tegan about her crafting philosophy.

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CiPi AKA the Pink Shadow likes craft that evokes connection. CiPi's contribution to Craft Cubed aims to achieve just that through a combination of online interaction, real life activity and of course the hand made in The Pink Shadow Game. 

CiPi gave us some insights into what inspires her practice.

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Nora Thamthanakorn sees the potential for creativity in discomfort, and the potential for beauty in decay. Nora's stunning deconstructed ceramics will be showing at Alpha60 this month as part of the Craft Cubed Window Walk. 

We had a chat with Nora to learn a little bit more about what inspires her craft.

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