Artist and jewellery maker Maylin Evanochko's particular brand of celebratory quirk is a perfect blend of fun, cheek and fashion. Evanochko's background as a painter of large scale abstract works informs her accessories collection, one which is ripe with disarmingly addictive 80's fashion references from pattern clash to metallic animal prints. Each piece is completely unique, crafted by hand using leather, polymer clay and silver. She employs a layering process garnered through years of painting to achieve multi dimensional color effects and patterns, considering each pair of earrings like minature works of art. The complete Mazdevallia collection will be available at the special Craft Cubed Market on August 26, and we can't wait to get our hands on it!


What is your earliest craft memory?

When I was about five or six I used to make weird creatures out of toothpicks and cut up vegetables. I'd start with something sturdy like a potato and then add all kinds of strange features. If I could also get it to stand up on its own it was pretty exciting.

What is your philosophy or motto when it comes to creativity?

You have to experiment, take risks and make the ugly stuff to get to the good stuff. There is no way out of it. For me, it is part of the creative process.

Where do you go in Melbourne for inspiration?

The botanic gardens are great for interesting shapes and unusual colour combinations.

What are you reading OR listening to at the moment?

I'm currently listening to a lot of PBS 106.7FM.


How would you describe your studio or making environment?

My studio is a real mix of order and total chaos. I've learned over the years to take care of my brushes and art supplies so that part of it is quite neat. Where the actual making happens is what can only be described as a mess but it makes sense to me.

How does good craft make you feel?

Good craft reminds me that there are so many amazingly talented people out there who can do things that you didn't even know was possible. It makes me feel like there are endless possibilities and inspires me to experiment.

What other Craft Cubed events are you excited about?

I'm excited to check out the new jewellery work Inhabit presented by The Alley, in Fitzroy!