We've admired Netti Wagner from True North studio for a long time. We love the way she uses visual language and her effusive enthusiasm for design, local flavour and feminism. She recently taught at our very successful Instagram Masterclass - and then came on board to create our key representational imagery for the 2018 Craft Cubed Festival: Homing Craft.

In launching this year's festival, Gemma Jones (festival manager), had a short chat with Netti about the project.

Sculptural object: Birthday Cake, 2018, by Troy Emery Styling and Photography by Annette Wagner

Sculptural object: Birthday Cake, 2018, by Troy Emery
Styling and Photography by Annette Wagner

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Annette Wagner (aka Netti) and I'm a Melbourne-based, multi-disciplined freelance creative. I am curious, empathetic, collaborative, & believe in supporting value-led businesses which lead to positive change. I mostly work in Creative Direction, CX, Comms Strategy & I am passionate about the arts. I'm Head of National Events on the board of Creative Womens Circle, which represents women in creative industries, meeting and sharing information, inspiration and ideas. I recently presented events for NGV Design Week 2018, 'Socially Aware by Design: building successful values-led small businesses’ and moderated panel events for Melbourne Knowledge Week. If I’m not working with others on creative projects, I’m conceiving and exploring my own!

 As a designer, what’s your relationship to craft and the handmade?

My formal art and design training gave me insights I always come back to and an appreciation for aesthetics like the Bauhaus, William Morris and Marimekko, to name only a few. Craft is at the heart of it all and the handmade continues to explore and is provide an increasingly important conversation around sustainable consumption. 

What did you like about working on the Craft Cubed project?  Can you tell us some fun things about the process?

Developing the Creative Direction for the Craft Cubed Festival was such a great project as I understood that the audience would be open to creative interpretation. The festival offers such diversity as well, which gave me an opportunity to explore different sets, providing visual constructs which could be applied to anything and everything. Aside from loving the creative brief itself, working with Troy Emery’s work was definitely a personal treat! 

Tell us how you found living with Troy Emery’s artwork for a short time…

I’ve admired Troy’s work for years and it was incredibly satisfying to develop sets to feature his creations. The pops of colour I worked into the sets are based on one of his works in particular. I found living with his work inspired my own imagination! They have a charm, a mesmerising quality and a familiar gaze which is incredibly inspiring to be around. 

What do you think about this year’s theme: Homing Craft?

Its a great theme and inspired my reference to the non descriptive 'home interiors’ construct. By creating interior lines in a cubism, handmade style, they represented and became a literal showcase for a makers’ own sense of place, identity and home.  

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