At Home with Rute Chaves - Artist in Residence for Craft Cubed 2018

Rute is a research based designer armed with a knitting machine.

She also is one of the Artists in Residence during Craft Cubed Festival.

The Artist in Residence program focuses on craftspeople who “make from home”.  In the Craft Library space, we are recreating a domestic style working studio environment with three makers – also including Tai Snaith and Stephanie Hicks.

We had a quick chat with Rute about her work.


How would you describe your studio or making environment at home?         
Fluid - always changing, always moving.

Describe what people will find you doing at Craft during this project...          
I will be demonstrating the TRICOTAUTOMAT project, which invites people/guests to get their photo taken and have it knitted live and in real time.

What’s the significance of the handmade to you?          
A sincere expression.

What is your philosophy or motto when it comes to creativity?           
Follow your instincts.

What are you reading at the moment?      
Last week I came back to this book that I love, “Água Viva” by Clarice Lispector.

Where do you go in Melbourne for inspiration?  
A walk in the sun.


Want to have a cuppa and chat with Rute and the other Artists in Residence as well as Troy Emery? Come to the Afternoon Tea event Friday, August 17, 1-3pm