At Home with Stephanie Hicks - Artist in Residence for Craft Cubed 2018

Stephanie is a visual artist working with paper.

Whether it’s collages, printmaking, or installation she is your go to woman. Being part of this year’s Craft Cubed Festival program as one of our Artists in Residence make sure to check out her interview below.

The Artist in Residence program focuses on craftspeople who “make from home”.  In the Craft Library space, we are recreating a domestic style working studio environment with three makers – also including Tai Snaith and Rute Chaves.


How would you describe your studio or making environment at home?

My home studio is a sometimes sun-drenched corner of my one bedroom apartment in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. My living room is divided loosely into a creative workspace, a cosy area for lounging and reading, and a tiny kitchen. There is a continual flow between spaces – books piled high on the kitchen counter, fragments of cut paper sprinkled across the rug, a wedge of freshly baked cake and a pot of tea on my desk.

I lovingly tend a collection of houseplants with varying degrees of success. They shuffle around my apartment as my fingers become greener and the light changes with the seasons. Arrays of both functional and decorative objects provide comfort, warmth and inspiration for my practice. They include handmade gifts and artworks from friends, curios from travels and adventures, colorful vintage wares and repurposed treasures. Not to mention books!

Describe what people will find you doing at Craft during this project...          

This project will see me through an active period of research and experimentation as I develop a new body of work, specifically for application to textiles.

I’ll be using a range of materials, and utilising the extensive library at Craft: looking and thinking, scanning and printing, cutting and pasting, tearing and folding, writing and drawing, wondering, imagining and embellishing. Drinking coffee and making new friends.

What’s the significance of the handmade to you?          

Making something by hand requires you to be present with the thing as it comes into being - to know it entirely and to hold its mystery. It is sensory, tactile and grounding.

It connects me to community, family and childhood. It feels like an awesome, very human thing to do.


Want to have a cuppa and chat with Rute and the other Artists in Residence as well as Troy Emery? Come to the Afternoon Tea event Friday, August 17, 1-3pm