Tegan sees the fun and joy in crafting. This is certainly apparent in her contribution to the Craft Cubed Window Walk. Her hand painted tickets reflect countless joyful occasions, and the relatable desire to try and hold on to a tangible piece of those memories. 

What’s the significance of the handmade to you?

The handmade is all about honesty. I love the personal and unique qualities of anything handmade.  When I draw and paint and make things I always aim to be as honest as possible and love the idea that you can make anything out of nothing. 

My 'tickets' series that will be shown at the Readings at State Library for the Window Walk are all hand painted 3-D artworks. They're painted using acrylic on wood and each piece of wood is hand cut by my brother. I think through creating this series entirely by hand a more honest and "real" quality comes through in the works.

How would you describe your craft community?

I have a bunch of awesome creative mates who I met through uni and Instagram and art exhibitions and other things. We're all so supportive of one another and encouraging in our different art and craft pursuits, it's super nice!
It's really lovely to have a creative community and to feel a part of the "art world" even if it's just by checking out local art exhibitions and shopping small and locally.


What is your earliest craft memory?

I'm unsure what my first craft memory is. I've always loved drawing and  making things and being creative. 
I remember back in the day doing scrapbooking classes and cardmaking things with my mum and mates, that was pretty fun and creative and definitely influenced my love of making and collecting.

What is your philosophy or motto when it comes to creativity?

Just make stuff! If you find it fun - do it, try new things, draw, paint, create and give it a go.

Where do you go in Melbourne for inspiration?

Local galleries and for a walk. Walking around my neighbourhood (Essendon represent) always inspires me. Just the fresh air and nature- pretty flowers and cute cats inspire me to stay creative and to draw the beautiful world around me.

What are you reading OR listening to at the moment?

Forever listening to David Bowie, also lots of Talking Heads at the moment. 
Reading 'No Way! Okay Fine' by the wonderful Brodie Lancaster, it's such a great book!


How would you describe your studio or making environment?

At the moment it's the couch in our lounge room at home. I'm usually drawing while watching old Law & Order's with my mum, or making art stuff on my boyf's laptop while listening to arty podcasts.

How does "good" craft make you feel?

Inspired and happy! 
I love beautiful things handmade by people. It amazes me what people can create and it makes me so happy to hold and have cute craft things that someone has taken the time (and used their skills) to create.

What is your dream craft collaboration - if history and geography and money was no barrier?

Oh that's so tricky! My dream craft collaboration would probably involve me making lots of fun work and exhibiting it somewhere cool, perhaps large-scale work in a group show with lots of nice artists and an awesome opening party event.

What other Craft Cubed events are you excited about? *

I'm really looking forward to seeing Kate Rohde's works at Pieces of Eight Gallery for the Window Walk. I love the amazing vessels she creates, I find her use of material and vibrant colours so intriguing!