Craft Cubed: Holger Dielenberg

Images courtesy of the artist, 2019

Images courtesy of the artist, 2019



Craft Cubed Presents: HOLGER DIELENBERG

Space Tank is opening their studio to the public as part of the 2019 Craft Cubed Festival and the LaunchVic sponsored Moreland Converger program.

This is your chance to see where Melbourne’s cool product developers, craftspeople and hardware startups are launching their business and enjoy a catered networking meetup afterwards.

What’s the significance of the handmade to you?

No matter what it is you make, handmade is in your process somewhere. Either in the earliest transformation from imagination to sketch or rough model right along the ideation and prototyping phases. Handmade is perhaps the most intrinsic way we have to directly express a concept. At Space Tank, handmade is incredibly significant, perhaps even more so for those people who have now embraced digital fabrication technologies. It’s where we get to test, fail, celebrate, iterate and communicate our ideas in their rawest form.

How would you describe your craft community?

Space Tank embraces all forms of creative practice and product development. I think it would be fair to say that the majority of makers who use our Makerspace involve a variety of crafty skills, tricks and material practice to advance their work. The best thing about having such a broad mix of creative practitioners all working under one roof together is that a lot of skill sharing and collaborations happen. It’s a thriving and exciting place to work every day.

What is your earliest craft memory?

I grew up in a family of scientists, artists and boat builders so craft was at the centre of our lives. Uncles, parents, grandparents, cousins, siblings and extended family friends were all tinkering with a huge variety of crafts. I think the earliest memory I have is sitting amongst a pile of wood shavings in a boat shed and making glue mash sculptures with my brother. I could hardly walk yet.

What is your philosophy or motto when it comes to creativity?

It seems unanimous that our factory schooling system drummed the creativity out of us. A lot of people say, “I wish I was creative.” The logical answer to that is, “you were once.” I would say that actually we are all creative all the time. Obviously some people more than others. But I see creativity in computer programming, in writing a sentence, cooking or even how we might set a dinner table. My motto would be simply; don’t worry so much about it, just be.

Where do you go in Melbourne for inspiration?

Well I spend pretty much every day at Space Tank which gives me an endless amount of inspiration. The variety of talented makers who use the Makerspace every day and the things they are working on are really cool. Sometimes they are solving significant human problems and sometimes just the things they are creating are just truly beautiful. But in terms of Melbourne as a creative place to be, well it's a southern hemispheric epicentre of creativity. What a goldmine to grow up here and work as a creative person. Night and day, you can pretty much be anywhere in Melbourne and feel creative inspiration.

What are you reading OR listening to at the moment?

My kids are kids are pushing a lot of teeny pop at me at the moment so I try and leave the kitchen radio shuffling through Doctor John, Nick Cave, Smashing Pumpkins, Laura Pergolizzi or early Mike Jagger. I’m intensely curious so I read heaps of stuff from every corner of everything.

How would you describe your studio or making environment?

A dream factory. A makerspace on steroids. A playground. It’s fun and busy and always humming with creative energy. On any given day we might have a jeweller, knife maker, leather craftsman working alongside welding sculptors, resin artists, engineers, furniture makers and product designers. It’s a real melting pot of skill sharing, strong individualism and business development.

How does "good" craft make you feel?

Makes my brain feel happy.

What is your dream craft collaboration - if history and geography and money was no barrier?

A chandelier in space.

What other Craft Cubed events are you excited about?

As I've two events in Craft Cubed I've been very busy preparing and finalising these. That being said I'm looking forward to the Reel To Reel program of Craft Cubed, and hope I can take time off from the shop building to make the most of this.

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