Maker membership + Insurance application

Applicants must:

  • Show evidence of being a practicing craft artist

  • Show evidence of skill acquisition (all kinds of learning and education that have informed your craft practice (university degrees, TAFE studies, independent classes and workshops, mentorships and apprenticeships)

  • Show evidence of professional practice (activity and involvement in the Craft community)

  • Be Australian based

  • Be a sole trader (Craft Victoria only provides sole trader insurance coverage)

  • Not be primarily a graphic designer, painter or photographer

We do not cover:

  • Home/Studio contents insurance

  • Group insurance coverage

  • Children’s toys and consumables

Application timeline:

  • Applications are assessed once monthly, please refer to the application process below for submission deadlines.

  • Please note: Unfortunately we cannot fast-track any applications. If you urgently need Product and Public Liability Insurance we do recommend get a quote directly from an insurance provider to cover you for a short period.

we are happy to discuss and clarify any of these points with you over the phone 03 9650 7775 before you
submit your application
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Your insurance with Craft Victoria covers a lot of features, tailored specifically to a craft and design practice.


Public and Product Liability Insurance

  • covers your legal liability to the general public.


Professional Indemnity Limit $5,000,000

  • provides cover for: coaches/ instructors/ trainers either, paid or unpaid.

  • protects you against situations where your advice is defective and as a result of this defective advice a person is injured or their property is damaged.

  • The cover is in respect of the provision, production or tendering of art works.


Property in your Care, Custody
and Control


Personal Accident Insurance

  • protects you from claims arising from other people’s goods which are in your control which you negligently lose or damage.

  • Note: that this extension does not cover you for the loss or damage of your own goods

  • provides you with income replacement if you are injured and cannot make work because of this injury. The insurer will provide 100% of your average weekly income over the past two years up to $1,000 per week.

  • The maximum benefit period (starting at the time of injury and subject to the waiting period) is 52 weeks for artists aged up to 70 years | 26 weeks for artists aged 70 years up to 80 years.

  • Waiting periods for cover: accidental injury: 7 days
    sporting injury: 28 days

  • includes Accidental Death and Capital Benefits (lump sum payments of up to $50,000, and Funeral Benefits (Accidental Death only) of up to $10,000.

  • Please note: The policy will not cover injuries sustained while working in other paid employment, and will not cover any lost income from a different occupation.

  • Personal Accident insurance Summary of Terms (235KB)

  • Personal Accident insurance Policy Wording (463KB)

  • JLT Financial Services Guide (405KB)

Excess $250
You will cover the first $250 of every claim or series of claims arising out of any one occurrence.

The above is a general description and does not override or change the policy wording.


Art Transit Insurance is available as an add on to all Accredited Members

  • Art Transit insurance provides makers with cover for artwork in transit to exhibitions or installation sites by road, rail, sea, air, and registered post worldwide. Artworks covered include jewellery, ceramics, glass, timber, textiles, paintings, and AV equipment. The policy can also cover the artworks on site at the exhibition for up to 60 days. Art Transit insurance is available for Accredited Members to opt-into at any time.

  • The premium charged is based on the replacement value of the item/s, subject to a minimum of $50 per transit.

  • Contact us via or (03) 9650 7775 to add this insurance onto your Accredited Membership.

  • The above is a general description and does not override or change the policy wording. To find out more:

  • Art Transit insurance Summary of Terms (30KB)

  • Art Transit insurance Policy Wording (823KB)

  • JLT Financial Services Guide (405KB)

Art Transit Insurance Calculator.
Transit insurance is an additional optional add-on which can be facilitated by Craft Victoria through our insurance provider.
For Art Transit estimates quotes the standard rate is 2.00% of the goods total value up to $50,000 or 1.50% for goods up to $100,000.
Art Transit Insurance will also incur a $20 administration fee.