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Ecologies of time : Everything comes from somewhere and goes somewhere by Ebony Gulliver & Louise Meuwissen @Rubicon ARI

  • RUBICON ARI Lvl 1/309 Queensberry St North Melbourne Australia (map)

Ebony Gulliver and Louise Meuwissen share a fascination for the nature of time. Time is sensual and it is lived. It quickens in its inexorability, it coalesces, and it withers away. In their respective practices, times incessant ever-presence and irreversibility are evidenced in the meticulousness of their creative process and in the symbolic use of the arrow, the circle, and the void. These motifs draw upon mythical, philosophical and scientific interpretations of the rhythms observable in nature and the cosmos – energies to which we are all subject and forces to which we are all bound. There is an intimacy to be found between the macro and the microcosmic. The surfaces of their works are adorned with layers of intricate, interlacing arrangements. Focusing on perceptual aspects, forms build and proliferate, developing spaces that sometimes recede and at others creep or explode beyond the bounds of the frame.